We build tomorrow, and restore yesterday

Every Project is Unique

Designs with perfection

Spinifex Construction (Private) Limited is a cutting edge multi-faceted construction firm incorporated and operating progressively in the Republic of Zimbabwe. 

We provide technologically sound, modern and environmentally friendly solutions to answer the most pertinent questions relating to shelter and infrastructure development. Our specialized units include; floor coating and waterproofing with other services including but, not limited to brickwork, roofing, painting and plumbing. 

We are strongly biased towards the finishing touches of structures because we believe in the mantra, “The cover defines the book and indeed clothes maketh the man.” We are proficient in both new projects as well as maintaining and refurbishing existing structures. Our driving philosophy is anchored on the principle, “It is because of the client that we are,” implying that no project is too small, or insignificant for the exercise of our uniquely custom- made solutions. Whether the project is domestic, commercial, or industrial; Spinifex commits to unreservedly offer its trademark service.

Why We Are Your Choice